Invest in the USA

The bible for Chinese investors invest in the USA. The editor in chief of this book is Ms. Guo, Zhihui. This book is written for Chinese investors who are willing to invest in the United States. There are four main investment demands: EB-5 Visa Investment; Real Estate Investment; Cross border Wealth Management and Education for Children.


The first chapter is EB-5 Visa Investment, introducing the different type of EB-5 investment and how to choose EB-5 programs, etc.

The second chapter is Real Estate Investment, introducing the real estate period in the US, east and west coast markets, legal and tax issues, etc.

The third chapter introduces how to make cross border investment, including setting up corporations, mergers and acquisitions, stocks and insurance investment, etc.

The fourth chapter includes the information about how to apply middle level school, high school, college and graduate school in the US.