Assets Allocation

Customized and Prefect Allocation

We provide asset allocation consulting service to help Chinese families and individuals allocate their wealth in US. According to different nature of asset allocation, such as risk, return, long or short term, liquidity and cashability, we afford reasonable and comprehensive allocation consulting advise. We design a pyramid allocation structure for Chinese investors in the Unite States. The bottom level of the pyramid is real state investment with 3-5% return ratio. On the second level, the return ratio of insurance investment is 5-6%. The middle level of pyramid–fixed income products or mutual fund has 6-8% return ratio. Stocks and other funds has 8-15% return ratio. The highest level of the pyramid is venture capital and private equity investment with over 15% return ratio. The theory of the allocation structure incorporates several factors such as different level of risks, return, , cash flow, long or short terms and liquidity. We provide customized and detailed consulting plan for every client according to the client’s particular situations and asset allocation needs.